10 Most To Do Things While Visit New Zealand North Island

New Zealand North Island

For a truly diverse holiday experience, New Zealand’s North Island offers a combination of island sanctuaries and busy cities.

Even though the island has been referred to as the North Island for a considerable amount of time, the New Zealand Geographic Board in October 2013, gave the island its official name, Te Ika-a-Mui or North Island, following a public consultation.

Continue reading ahead to find out the different things you can do on North Island.

10 Things To Do In New Zealand North Island

Witness The Meeting Of Oceans At Cape Reinga

Even though most people who visit the North Island start in Auckland, which is near the top of the island, they should still go further north to the northernmost point of New Zealand’s mainland: the Reinga Cape.

The Maori people consider Cape Reinga to be a place of spiritual significance. They refer to it as Te Rerenga Wairua and hold the belief that the pohutukawa tree at the cape, which is 800 years old, is where the spirits of those who have passed, keep on living.

The lighthouse is a famous landmark in New Zealand. The stunning view of the Pacific Ocean and the Tasman Sea is worth the long, remote drive up the Aupori Peninsula in Northland. For active travelers, short and long hikes around the cape and to hidden beaches are worthwhile.

At Waitangi, Learn About The History Of New Zealand

The ever-popular Bay of Islands, a popular Auckland vacation spot, is located south of Cape Reinga. This is one of the most important places in New Zealand’s history. The Treaty of Waitangi was signed in 1840 by Maori chiefs and representatives of the British Crown at Waitangi, which is just north of the town of Paihia. This is the founding document of the modern nation of New Zealand, and it is certainly not without controversy. Spend at least half a day exploring Waitangi’s Te Whare Runanga, Treaty House, ceremonial waka, artisan workshops, forest, and lawns. There is a lot to see here but before all that, know about your passport status. Check out passport renewal services in case you have expired passport.

Scuba Dive In The Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve

The Poor Knights Islands, located northeast of Whangarei and south of the Bay of Islands but on the same coast of the peninsula, are regarded as one of the world’s best diving locations. Due to the warm ocean currents that flow through them, they are a natural marine reserve home to a vast array of underwater plant and animal life. Divers will enjoy the islands’ underwater caves, arches, tunnels, and cliffs because they are the remains of ancient volcanoes. Snorkeling is also possible here if you don’t want to dive, but fishing is not allowed because the islands are protected.

From Auckland’s Skytower, Take In Stunning Panoramic Views

Despite having the best skyline of any New Zealand city, Auckland is the city that many other New Zealanders love. Auckland is attractive both during the day and at night thanks to the hundreds of yachts that give it the nickname “city of sails” and its pointed Skytower at its center. The North Shore, the Auckland Harbour Bridge, and the road trip south from Northland offer the best views.

Ride The Ferry To Waiheke Island

Waiheke Island, which is the most populous island in the Hauraki Gulf and is approximately 12 miles from Auckland’s downtown, can be reached by charter plane or ferry. It has beautiful beaches, a thriving community of artists and artisans, short walks, and approximately 30 vineyards, making it a great place to spend the night or a day from Auckland. If you’re going to Waiheke Island, which is popular with Aucklanders, during high season or the school holidays, make sure to book your lodging in advance. Otherwise, a ferry trip for a day is a good option.

See Dolphins In Tauranga

Cruise ship passengers who disembark here find Tauranga, a small city on the east coast of the upper North Island, to be a popular destination. But wherever you end up in Tauranga, the migration season is a great time to see dolphins, orcas, pilot whales, blue penguins, fur seals, and even humpback whales.

At Hobbiton, You Can See Film History Come To Life

Tolkien fans will find plenty of “Lord of the Rings” and “Hobbit” locations throughout New Zealand, but Hobbiton in the Waikato town of Matamata is a standout. Hobbiton retains portions of the film set so that visitors can immerse themselves in the Shire’s atmosphere, whereas many locations throughout New Zealand used in the film are now just natural landscapes.

Explore Hawke’s Bay’s Fine Wineries

With approximately 90 wineries, the Hawke’s Bay region on the east coast of the North Island is the best place to make wine. This region’s merlot, syrah, and chardonnay are especially good. Napier, Hastings, and Havelock North are the main towns in Hawke’s Bay. These towns are also known for their Art Deco architecture. It’s worth spending a few days in Hawke’s Bay because it’s so far away from other North Island attractions.

Explore The Whanganui River By Canoe

The Whanganui National Park, through which the Whanganui River flows, is another of the North Island’s national parks. Paddling in the Whanganui River is another important part of Te Araroa, a New Zealand-wide hiking trail.

Take A Hike Around Mt. Taranaki’s Perfect Conical Peak

Mt. Taranaki, a snow-capped volcanic peak that can be seen from miles around (on a clear day), is the dominant and unavoidable landmark of the west coast of the North Island. It is surrounded by the Egmont National Park, which is one of only three national parks on the North Island. From its numerous hiking trails, you can take in the mountain’s views. It takes four to five days to complete Mt. Taranaki circuit, but shorter hikes are also possible.


New Zealand North Island is a place that most people love to visit. It is a great place with beautiful scenery. There are many activities to go and do there so get ready, visit the nearest passport office in case you have difficulties with your passport, and pack up for your trip to New Zealand North Island.