Top 4 Things to Do in Munich With Kids

Munich With Kids

Traveling with your youngest ones entails a lot of preparation and planning. Truth be told, kids can easily get bored and annoyed even in the most picturesque places. If you’re planning on visiting Bavaria’s capital this winter, we’ve got you covered. With our thorough guide on what to do with your young children in Munich, they will surely stay entertained throughout your trip. Read on to learn more about the top attractions in Munich you must visit with your family.

Hellabrunn Zoo

As kids adore zoos, they will undoubtedly enjoy every second spent in one of the top zoological parks in this part of Europe called Hellabrunn. You should designate the entire day only for exploring this zoo since it’s quite huge spanning over 40 hectares of land. You don’t have to worry about where to have your snack or lunch break with its three restaurants, multiple ice-cream parlors, and a crepe stand. It’s home to more than 750 species of animals, so there’s no way that your kids will exit the zoo feeling unfulfilled. The zoo was designed with the animals’ natural habitats in mind, making it a great learning experience for all ages.

Toy museum

One of Munich’s museums which your kids will love, no matter their age, is the Spielzeugmuseum, or in English, the Toy Museum. It’s located in the heart of the town at Marienplatz. If you’d like to introduce your youngsters to a piece of history, a toy museum is a great place to start. The vast collection of vintage toys such as cars, teddy bears, and military figures is what makes this museum a top attraction for kids. The museum is spread across four floors but there’s an elevator inside so you don’t have to worry about hauling your stroller up the stairs.

Sightseeing tours

The best Munich sightseeing tours for kids are the ones that will have them entertained for the entire day, so the best idea is to look for day-long tours. Also, make sure to find a tour guided by an English speaker. One of such tours is a classic tour through Neuschwanstein and Linderhof castles. The stunning palaces will leave you and your youngsters in awe. The Neuschwanstein Castle, also aptly called the Fairytale Castle, is a top attraction for tourists from all over the world. The lavishly decorated rooms and stunning architecture will make you and your family wish you were the Bavarian royalty. The next castle on the tour is the Linderhof Castle, also known as the Royal Villa, which has an amazing park your kids are free to run around in. This tour ends in Oberammergau, where you can buy souvenirs as a reminder of this wonderful tour, ensuring you’ll happily look back on this trip when your kids are all grown up.

Sea Life Munich

If your kids are in love with aquatic life, you should definitely visit the lovely aquarium Sea Life Munich. It is situated in Olympia park, relatively near the city center. In this aquarium, you’ll see many seawater and freshwater fish species found all over the world. If you’d like to experience something new, your family will surely love the fish feeding activity which takes place every day between 11:15 AM and 3:30 PM. During the feeding session, there’s a diver swimming with the sharks, which is really exciting to see. When it comes to meals, you don’t have to worry since there’s a restaurant in the park in which the aquarium is located.

Though visiting foreign countries may be quite an overwhelming thing to do with your children, you have nothing to worry about if you’ve decided to spend some time in Munich. The city has a lot to offer to the youngest, from the large zoo to the sightseeing tours. This stunning Bavarian city will surely be something they’ll fondly remember even in their adulthood.