Types of Movie-Inspired Games You Can Play Online

Online Games

People have always played games, they keep us engaged and entertained, and we all need that in life. We need to get lost in an activity and forget about our worries, at least for a little while, so that we can re-fuel, re-energize with something enjoyable and fun.

Humans are motivated by goals and they desire for organization. If an activity is social, even better, as we crave companionship too. Games are a concoction of elements human beings are hardwired to desire. The need to strive for something, rules, playful willingness, and a constant need for continuous feedback. All these contribute to us being amused and playing something, we fancy.

Since movies are a very popular form of entertainment, it seems only logical to transfer their established characters and stories onto the medium of games, so people can gain more enjoyment out of them and get further engrossed in their mythos. And since everything is done online these days, it also stands with reason that you as a potential player can find many movie-inspired games that you can play at any moment from anywhere.

Online Casino Games

If you’ve never dived deep in the world of online slots then you’re probably unfamiliar that many of the top Hollywood studios license their movies to game providers. And, that the market is flooded with movie-based slot games. Many Indians have never played any sort of game of chance online, sans the Indian online lottery, but all potential players should know that these slots are super-advanced and super-fun. If you’re more of a card person, many digital platforms offer table classics such as Blackjack and Baccarat. So, if you never have tried Indian live casino games, maybe you should head over to an online casino and see what the experience is like.

Classic Arcade Games

Before there were Xbox and PlayStation, kids had to leave the house to play a video game. You had to buy chips, credits, or put coins in the machine and play in a hall surrounded by other game enthusiasts who would shout and distract you with their presence. Life was tough back then. And, games based on popular movies were abundant as well. A particular film might have been horrible and a big-budget box office disaster, but that didn’t mean the game was bad. 

Today, you can find all these classic arcade games on dedicated websites that provide them for free. You can play games like Robocop and Lion King and relive your childhood if you’re old enough.


Online Card Games

No, we’re not talking about the kind you play with your friends or at a casino. These are games that you can play on a device that emulate collectible card games. They’re a replica of their physical counterpart, except many popular ones have foregone their physical existence and have fully moved over to the digital sphere.

They can vary tremendously and you can play some of them solo, or with a team, as a cooperative effort. You can find many based on or inspired by popular adventure movies such as The Lord of the Rings franchise. They can get very addictive, so be careful if this is one quest you want to embark on.

Online RPG Games

Games don’t get more spellbinding then role-playing games. Some statistics claim that they are even responsible for many divorces in modern times. What started as an activity played on a table with some friends and a die has moved on to computers and devices and has become even more absorbing of one’s attention.

Nowadays, you can find many RPG games that you can play on your browser, or you could go into the multiplayer mode on your video game and join a realm of like-minded individuals. If you’re a fan of movies like Star Trek and Star Wars, you can be a part of their universe, online, today.