Water Pressure – What Is Right For Your Home?

Water Pressure

Different people have different opinions regarding the right water pressure in the home. And, it has been witnessed that the majority of people take it for granted. It should be given utmost importance like other things.

So, let’s discuss the right water pressure, and if you are in Calgary, then how plumbing contractors in Calgary can help you adjust the correct water pressure at your home.

Ideal Pressure Range

Water pressure is the amount of pressure per square inch that circulates the water through the pipes. On the one hand, too much force could cause immense harm to the pipes and appliances. No or least amount of power could result in trickling water.

Have you ever thought how right pressure is created? Though there is no absolute rule, the ideal range of water pressure is considered between 40 psi and 80 psi. Anything below or higher could be harmful. Periodic water reading is the best way to determine the ideal range measurable.

Adjusting the Water Pressure

Houses in Calgary have water pressure regulators, which takes care of the amount of force of the water. They are set to work precisely and allow the water to enter houses with the right pressure. Regulators can be found in the basement or the access panel. The gauge shows the amount of force coming through the pipes. Adjusting the regulator requires loosening the valve nut.

Common Reasons for Drop in Water Pressure

It is hard to highlight any specific reason for the cause of water pressure drop. There are a plethora of reasons such as a renovation or house improvement in neighborhood, Valve issues, Fixture problems, corroded plumbing, and a lot more.

Most of the time low water pressure issues do not remain permanent, but if you have been facing this issue since long haul, then you are in need to get the help of the plumbing contractors in Calgary. Choosing the professional for the job would surely help you reduce your worries.

Tip: In the case of low water pressure, it is not a good idea to run sprinklers, taps, and showers at the same time. Choosing one is the only option available in this case because it will incase the overall amount of force of the water coming to your houses.   

What are Water Pressure Surges?

The surge means a sudden increase or decrease in the water pressure level. You might have also noticed it some point in time. It happens when two or more taps are open and use water. For example, if you are taking a shower and a family member flushes a toilet, then the pressure is divided, and you feel the sudden fluctuation of water pressure. In order to avoid such kind of situation, it is advised to use one tap or device at a time.


There you have it! There was everything about the right water pressure for your home. If you are in living in Calgary and h, then it is the right time to call the plumbing contractors in Calgary. It will surely help you lessen your worries and put your mind at ease.

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