What to Wear to a House Party?


Dressing right for a house party is the hardest. Sure, they are indoor but it does not feel right going super dressed when you are only going to be in your friend’s living room with the lights turned on. You might not even feel right wearing the right heels, there is something weird about drinking from paper cups and having wotsits as you move around in your wedges.

However, house parties are going to have attractive members of the opposite sex and you will suddenly find yourself thinking about what to wear. Deciding what you would wear in a house party can be quite tricky.

Well, we did some digging to find out the best way to dress for a house party. Come let’s check out these outfit ideas.


Cropped Jeans


Get a pair of cropped but slender denim skinnies and perk it up with a cool jersey T. It is just going to work wonder. When it comes to your hair, pull it back to get a messy bun, dainty your look by dangling a spider-web accessory. Make sure that you do the best you can to look sophisticated.


Button Down Skirt


The gem from the 70s is back in this season. A button-down skirt for your next house party is going to be a head-turner. This is a litter longer than a mini but not quite long. It will give you the sweet and sexy, girl next door vibe. Get a fitted tee to go with it, a boyish shoe with ankle socks to amp it up a little. If you want to add a little more edge to it, try on a pair of wedge heels. This will not only give you the extra height but will also look trendy.


Crop Top


Hold on, don’t just glare yet. So, you don’t have the heavenly abs to show off, doesn’t matter. There are many of us who don’t really feel confident about their own body. However, there ways to go about it, it is just a crop top and you do not even have to go that short. Pair it up with boyfriend jeans and throw a loose bomber on top of that just to balance it out. It oozes a sporty vibe and will make you feel great.

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Baggy Jumper


Do you feel too conscious about wearing a tiny skirt? Why not pair it up with a baggy jumper. In case you are looking to show off those long legs but full a little conscious, this is the best way to go. Put on some cool trainer and you are all set for the night.

Whatever you do, make sure that you don’t look drab. Being presentable and confident is the key to look good.