Why Nails Biting is Bad for Your Teeth


Many people have a habit of biting nails. They indulge themselves so badly in this activity that if someone stops them doing it they give them many kindsof useless and funny excuses like they only do this when they are in tension or they have nothing to do so they are just passing their time biting their nails. Nail biting is a very bad habit just like smoking which starts with fun but gets hard to leave.

Reason why you should stop biting your nails

Think about hygiene issue

Nails get in contact with dirt easily as we perform most of our work with our barehands. If you think that you have cut your nails and can bite them you are wrong. Most of the times we hear from doctors that wash your hand before eating this simply means that the presence of germs on our hands cannot be ruled out even if the hands look tidy and to minimize the effect of germs we need to take this precaution before consuming anything. So if you are biting your teeth; you are inviting germs into your mouth and you may have to pay for this via some sort of health issue.

Remember teeth are not made from hard material

Apart from biting nails many of us use our teeth to open bottles and even use them as a cutter which is totally awful. We have certain disgusting belief systems that with the help of teeth we can perform any activity and nothing will happen to them. But the fact is every organ of the human body has certain responsibilities like heart pumps blood throughout the body, liver is for blood purification in the same way teeth is for chewing food so that we can eat our food well and enjoy our meal.By performing other activity like continuously nail biting, we are hurting them. Teeth are not made from hard material like steel so they can be break or even misalign if we don’t stop these awful habits.

Smile; the best jewel you have can get spoilt

Yes, you heard it right. Because of nail biting habit you may spoil your beautiful smile that you carry. Continuous nail biting habit will affect badly on teeth and if you will not stop this habit in time your teeth can break. Broken teeth don’t look great, they will catch the attention of people with whom you talk hence it will affect your personality also. Apart from this, you can also develop jaw related issues because of this.

Try these tips to get rid from this habit

Trim your nails on time

If you have long nails then they might invite you to bite them the best solution is to trim and file them on time before they grow longer. Trust me this will helps you a lot, trimmed nails will distract your nail biting habits.

Invest some money on nail care

You can also spend some money on manicure and pedicure. This activity will change your mindset and instead of biting your nails you will pay attention on how can you make your nails more attractive. So this investment turns profitable to you.

Try to reach at the root cause of problems you had

Generally, people bite their nails because of depression, hypertension, and anxiety. During that time your mind is thinking some other stuff and you bite your nails unconsciously. So before it becomes part of your habit you should find the root cause of your problem and try to resolve them.

Take support from your well-wishers

Some people have nail biting habits since their childhood and when they realize it is too late to leave. In such case you should take help from your well-wishers. Discuss with them and tell them you want to get rid of this habit. So when they see you biting your nails they will remind you and encourage you not to do that. To some extant you can get rid from this habit via this method.

Women can try this also

Women always have lots of choices in their life whether it is about clothes, shoes or other fashion accessories .So ladies if you are facing nail biting problems you will be happy to know that in the market there are special kind of nail paints which have bitter taste. You should buy them this as it will help you to minimize the nail biting habits.

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