You Never Know the Connection between Life and Music


Music is a form of art that connects us to different states of emotions. Musicians and composers put together different types of melodies to create a new sound called music. The term music originates from the Greek work Mousike. The meaning of Mousike is the art of muses.

In simpler terms, music is composed of two types of sounds, the vocal from a singer and the sound from one or more musical instruments. The person who creates or produces music is a professional called musician.

Music is essential in the life of most people. Some people who love music also say that music connects them to life and their deeper self. Let us know more about how music connects us to life.

Music makes Learning enjoyable

Almost every person enjoys music, and it can help students learn better. Students of any field remember a song more quickly than they remember their course material. The reason for this is that our mind enjoys music more than other things in life. What our mind enjoys, it remembers and retains it for longer durations of time.

Some teachers mix their lessons with music to help students learn and remember them in the form of music. For example, when students start their schooling, teachers teach them poems. They sing the poems for them, and students remember them easily. We all remember some poems we used to sing in your childhood because of the music.

It makes us creative

Music is an art and every artist needs imagination and creativity to produce a piece of art. When a person creates the music, he or she needs to use their creativity. As they work on producing music, they use more of their creativity and develop their creative power.

Research also shows that calm and soothing music develops creativity and boosts memory in students and younger people. Listening to instrumental music activates the right side of the human brain, which helps the person to understand what he or she is listening.

Music associates with people and events

There are many events in life which involve playing music. For example, people play music in parties, celebrations, trips, camps, and other occasions. Sometimes, when you are spending good time with a friend or spouse, there is some music played at that place by someone else. However, your mind associated the music with that time and event, and you remember the event when you listen to the same music later. People remember the events and other people in their life when they hear the same music, even after decades. This is how music associated it with people and events.

Music affects our mood

Music also affects the mood and emotions of people in many ways. How a person feels while listening to music depends on the type of music and the taste of the listener. Research has already proved that listening to music can uplift the mood of humans in a depressed state. Music can uplift the emotions of a person who is feeling down due to some reason. For example, when a person is feeling bored, listing to their favorite music can fill him or her with energy. Some people become addicted to music to uplift their mood and to stay in an uplifted state of mind. However, the depth of effect varies from person to person.

Music therapy

Healers use music to heal patients from various ailments. Some professional healers use particular types of healing music such as the sound of metals, the sound of bamboo sticks and some musical instruments to heal their patients from ailments. The healing processes are a part of music therapy that is used in Chinese and Tibetian cultures.

Some modern hospitals and physicians have also started using music therapy to help their patients heal better and faster than the usual treatment. Research has also shown in some experiments that music can boost the immune system of people after surgery and reduce complications. It helps patients heal faster than other people who didn’t take music therapy.

Musical instruments

Most of the music produced by present-day musician artists comes from musical instruments. It means that musical instruments also play a vital role in our lives by offering us music for entertainment and healing therapies. The musical instruments include guitars, violins, drums, keyboards, etc. However, you can produce most of the melodies by a keyboard. If you live in Melbourne, you can find the instruments in a keyboard store Melbourne.

Final Words

There is a profound connection between life and music. The pop and rock type music are suitable for celebrations. However, if you want to connect yourself deeper, you should listen to natural music such as the sound of a breeze, the sound of the ocean, or a spring of water, rainfall, etc. You can find these types of music online and save it in your phone or music player and listen to it whenever you want.