Which Is The Best Way To Travel Between Cities In Spain?


If you are travelling to Spain, you have already made an excellent decision. Spain is an eye capturing country, with rolling landscape, mountains and rivers, dusty plains, you simply cannot get enough. The culture is vibrant and colorful, with happiness and passion rolled into festivities across the land.

Getting around is easy with the right transport options. If you have chosen something from the Spain and Portugal vacation packages chances are your transport will be taken care of either via plane or car. However, if you are travelling without a vacation package, then here are some transport options to help you get around Spain.

Transit by Plane

There are about forty airports across mainland Spain and its islands. They have regularly scheduled external flights and internal flights. The most prominent airports are that of Madrid Barajas and Barcelona El Prat, since they carry the most amount of traffic. Internal flights across the country do not cost a lot and take no longer than two hours at the maximum.

You can choose to fly if you are pressed for time, and it is also the most convenient way to get the islands. The only thing that is slightly different can be the time zone in Canary Island changing from GMT +1 to GMT +0.

Transit by Train

You can travel long distances via train lines on the high speed train, or the Alta Velocidad. You should book your Spanish train tickets in advance. RENFE, Spain’s national train network, operates on a regular basis to all parts of the country on high speed, regular and suburban lines. If you have a little more time, you can use the train as an opportunity to connect with others and learn more about the culture and language. Transit times can last from two hours to ten hours.

Transit by Bus

The bus has to be one of the cheapest ways to get around Spain, albeit not for long distances. You can access places where the train does not reach and other rural areas. There are countless numbers of routes you can take, where they depart from the main cities and end up in the countryside. You can book your ticket in advance or buy one on the bus. You can find the ideal provider for you by cross checking services provided by each company online.

Transit by Car

Travelling by car is one of the most flexible and freeing options of commute. You can go at your own pace making stops along the way to fill up on snacks and make unexpected stops to explore more of the country. You can hire a car for your entire vacation, and have a route planned out. The only bump in the road are toll booths, but having cash or card in handy gets rid of that problem.

Cars may be a slower option since it has more traffic, and some roads do not allow cars to go fast. If you do have a car on rent the hotel might charge for parking space. Depending on which options suits your taste, contact your nearest travel agency for your Spain and Portugal vacation packages!

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