A Guide to Throwing the Best Corporate Christmas Party

Christmas Decorating Ideas

If this is your turn to plan a company’s Christmas party, you’ll need to make maximum effort to make everyone have fun, enjoy the food, and the entertainment you have organised for them. Before that, you’ll need to make sure all the invitations are sent out on time. Want to know more about how to throw a Christmas party that everyone will talk about? Check out this guide and find your answers.

Think well about the date

The first factor you need to think about is the date on which the party should be hosted. Just because it’s a Christmas party doesn’t mean the event needs to happen close to the holiday itself. Chances are many employees will have plans with their families a few days before and after Christmas, so consider throwing the party early in December. Not sure if everyone will be able to attend? How about you have a poll and let people suggest dates or vote on the ones you have picked out?

Pick a spacious venue

Even before COVID-19, it was important to have a spacious venue so everyone would have time to mingle and party more conveniently. Now, it’s imperative to keep social distancing to a maximum and look for venues that will allow everyone to be at a safe distance. Considering Sydney is very warm during Christmas time, you should feel free to look at outdoor venues where you wouldn’t have to worry about being overcrowded and spending time in a stuffy restaurant.

Include a well-organised social program

Aside from delicious treats and a great location, a Christmas party will need to be entertaining. When all the small talk is done, everyone will be in the mood for some fun. So, consider having a party theme, games or various activities happening during the party. How about you have all the employees compete in cocktail mixing? Set up a photo booth and have people take pictures together, with goofy party props such as moustache, glasses, glittery lips and top hats on a stick.

Send invitation on time

The one factor that will affect the success of your party is the time you send out the invitations. People will need to have time to organise their social calendars and let their friends and family know when they’re available for family time. The last thing you need is for people not to show up or have to cancel their family events to come to your party so they wouldn’t let you down. Giving them at least a month’s notice is recommended.

Offer plenty of delectable food and beverages

You can’t have a party without treats and refreshments. Fortunately, you can find delicious Christmas party catering in Sydney and offer everyone the most delectable food and beverages. Arrange creative Christmas platters for everyone to have a bite or two with their cocktails and spirits. Include both sweet and savoury options and consider having a Christmas cake to celebrate in style.

Don’t forget about a DJ

Music is the essence of every party. Therefore, you’ll need a master DJ to keep everyone on their feet. Alternatively, you can have a live band and create more interaction between the crowd and the performer. Create a wow factor by having a live band that will allow for the attendee to compete in a sing-a-long event. The more creative activities you come up with, the more memorable a party is.

Are you afraid you won’t be able to throw the best corporate Christmas party that everyone will talk about for months? No need to be anxious about it. With our little comprehensive guide, you’ll host a party to remember with everyone admiring your organisational skills.

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