Top 6 Wall Decoration Ideas

home decor wall

You always make the best efforts to make your house look beautiful and the latest trends and ideas. Walls are the strength of our home, and they deserve to remain beautiful all the time. We must keep our walls happy and decorates with the best look that they should have.

Here are the best wall decoration ideas that can make the walls of your home look decent and adorable.

1. Plain walls and quirky colour paintings – Both look great!!!!

The rule of contrast always work best in the home décor, and the match of plain and colours is timeless in fashion. Paint your walls with a neutral colour and put some quirky shade paintings on them.

Just imagine, a grey wall with a painting filled with shining yellow. Certainly, it is going to bring the attention of every beholder comes to your place. Opposite things always attract, and if you can make wise use of this ultimate fact, your home is the best place in the world to live.

2. Wallpapers – They can do magic

Yes, indeed, the wallpapers can do magic. Choose a dull, lifeless room and past floral wallpaper, and you will see a drastic transformation. A place can turn from depressing to exciting.

The popular types of wallpaper can quickly help you make choices –

  • Vinyl Wallpaper – A printed wallpaper with layer vinyl.
  • Embossed wallpaper – Thick, textures and not plain.
  • Flock Wallpaper – The paper has three-dimensional patterns.
  • Mylar Wallpaper – A printed paper with a polyster film on it.

There are many more options than you can consider, and they are readily available in the market. A stunning look is just a miles away if you can find a good home décor shop. For a faster approach, explore the online shops and add awesome wallpapers to your cart.

3. Draw your life story with photographs

Caution!! This idea may sound old and traditional, but hey!! People spend millions in buying antique things then why not respect an old style of home décor? Your home is the most loyal thing in the world. It never betrays you and always become your last resort in the race to find peace of mind. Why not respond with equal love and treat it with the warmth of your pictures.

Make a collection of your photos and paste them on the wall. For different places in the house, there can be different themes. In the living room, you can make a family tree, and in the kids’ room, the pictures from their birth to the present day can melt the hearts.

4. Hang the dangling frames it is always new and modern

If you do not want to see yourself sticking static to the walls in a family picture tree, then this should surely satisfy you. Modern ideas are always in demand. The desire to do experiments with the things is like a constant zeal and frames that too hanging frames always give a swingy quirky look to the walls.


The contrast of frames with varied lengths can create a beautiful scene and make the walls look elegant and impressive. The colour of the frame can be any, however, black and golden colour frame more popular. But you can always be creative on this part.

5. Vintage wall décor ideas for sophistication with a classic look

You know already how fantastic is this idea. Right? Every trend of home décor could not avoid the include vintage style in its list. It is unavoidable and fantastic and uncompromised in approach, which means you place can never look dull with a vintage look.

There are plenty of ideas for the vintage style –

  • Rustic leaf wreath on a shutter
  • Retro flower vase wall hanging
  • Wooden wall hangings with hook
  • Victorian elements on a dark shutter
  • Wooden fans sticking in a pattern
  • Bronze picture frame and ornate designs
  • Vintage silver plate holder

There can be many more ideas if you explore the views on the internet. Abundance is the prime feature when you look for something in home décor whether it is walls or floors.

6. Break the rules with just NOTHING on the walls

Yes, it may sound a bold decision for many of you out there, as most of the people are in the habit of putting something on walls. But the ‘nothing on wall’ is also a good idea. To highlight the walls despite no stuff on it, and to fill its emptiness, keep the interior of rest of the house colourful and energetic.

home decor wall

Perhaps many of you will love it because there are people who love simplicity when it comes to wall decoration. Besides, if someday you feel that the empty wall is too much insignificant, then the big wall is ready there to express your emotions. Just bring things and make your wall wear them.


It is always a better idea to gain some knowledge before you do something in your home in the name of home décor. Walls are like a big canvas where you can show the heights of your creativity. Just make sure you do not chase the trend only. Give your personalised look to your space. Do not hesitate in trying new things, come out of your comfort zone and make a unique statement.

Especially when it is your home, do not forget that is the result of hard-earned money. You may also be paying hefty repayments of mortgage. No matter if it is some affordable right-to-buy mortgage or a first-time mortgage, responsibility is always important. You cannot just let things go carelessly as if you purchased the home to rent it out and the rent will pay the instalments for your buy-to-let mortgages. Whatever you do, just let the walls reflect your personality.